Fra'Francisco Ximenes de Texada is the Receiver of the Common Treasure for the Knights Hospitaller.

Early Life Edit

Fransisco is a Knight Hospitaller born in Spain in 1703. He didn't join the Knights until 1736. Before that he was educated as an administrator and bookkeeper and he worked for several years in that function. In 1736 he was recruited into the Knights, not because of his fighting skill or his piety but because the Knights needed skilled administrators to help them manage their islands. He was sworn in as a Knight of Obedience and sent to help organize the bookkeeping on Sanctus Crux.

Life as a Knight Edit

Francisco Ximenes de Texada

Fransisco worked diligently to get the books in order. Most of his work consisted of repairing the damage that the poor economical decisions of the [Grand Master] caused. Fra'Manuel Pinto da Fonseca is notorious for his bad economical judgement. He also took part in a few combat operations and he became known for his brave but unskilled actions while fighting. His skillfull dealing with all the economic problems however earned him a spot on the Sovereign Council as the Receiver of the Common Treasure.

The years he spent undoing the damage of the Grand Master left him with a serious dislike of the man and as soon as he got his spot on the council, he aligned himself with [Fra'Marie Auguste von Thurn und Taxis]. She was notorious for her spending as well, but at least she did it with her own money and kept her hands away from the money of the Knights. He is now firmly aligned with her and will probably remain loyal.

Personality Edit

Fransisco is well known for his bravery, but he only has an average skill at fighting. He is an arrogant and extremely stubborn man and because of that he's probably the least popular member of the Sovereign Council. He's also known for being incredibly cheap and willing to tax just about anything if given the chance. Once he proposed to start taxing bread, but the rest of the Sovereign Council decided against it. If it weren't for his alliance with Fra'Marie Auguste von Thurn und Taxis he wouldn't have any friends on the Council.

Combat Edit


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