Manuel Pinto da Fonseca is the current Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller. He is a Portuguese nobleman known for his lavish spending. He has an illegitimate son that has recently become a Knight as well.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

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Manuel Pinto da Fonseca is the son of a Portuguese nobleman. Relatively little is known about his early life and Manuel prefers it that way. He joined the Knights in 1704, first as a Knight of Obedience but within two years he took his oaths as a Knight of Justice. Again not much is known about what he did and what tasks he performed. Much of what he did is shrouded in secrecy, most likely he performed several secret missions, possibly missions that were against the Code or Oath. Whatever the tasks were that he performed he became a well respected member of the Knights. In 1741 he was elected Grand Master of the knights Hospitaller.

Grand Master[edit | edit source]

As the Grand Master Manuel has always been working towards better relations between the Catholics, Protestants, Reformed and Anglican faiths and the factions within the Knights that represent those faiths. He's notorious for his dislike of the Inquisition and their theories about how Christianity should be united. He deeply relies on the council of his former bodyguard Cassar who in 1748 refused to join an Inquisition plot to incite a slave rebellion on the islands of the Knights. Cassar exposed the plot to Manuel within the year he was promoted to Grand Commander of the Order. They have become close friends and are allies on the Sovereign Council.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Manuel is known for his lavish spending and he's lucky the Knights have such rich holdings or he would have driven them into bankruptcy. The Receiver of the Common Treasure, Francisco Ximenes de Texada, is constantly trying to undo the poor financial decisions the Grand Master has made. His mistress, Rosenda Paulichi, is still living with him in his mansion despite his oath. People frown upon it but can't do anything about it. He has an illegitimate son with her named José António Pinto da Fonseca e Vilhena. A few months ago his son was sworn in as a Knight of Obedience. Manuel tries to help his son, but José António dislikes that attitude and has asked to be reassigned to mainland Vespuccia to do some more serious work.

Combat[edit | edit source]


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