Because technology is much more advanced than in most fantasy D&D settings, certain classes no longer work in the Crossroads setting, and others have had to be altered or created out of whole cloth.

Base ClassesEdit

  • New Base Classes
Name Status Description
Warrior WIP A strength-focused melee class that applies strength to both combat and utility.
Chosen WIP A spontaneous divine spellcaster, granted power and charged with a mission by a powerful spirit.
Hunter Done A highly mobile, nature-oriented class. Uses a variety of tactics in combat for ranged and melee combat.
Martial Artist WIP A master of the body, a melee combatant with a focus on unarmed fighting and mobility. Uses a variety of styles.
Medicine Man WIP A non-spell using caster with a variety of rituals and dances.
data-parsoid="{"autoInsertedEnd":true,"dsr":[9073,9080,1,0]}"|Priest data-parsoid="{"autoInsertedEnd":true,"dsr":[9081,9089,1,0]}"|WIP An unarmored divine caster who gains special traits based on the dogma they follow.
Runecaster WIP A spellcaster that uses spell-like glyphs to create a very wide variety of effects.
Warlock Done An untrained arcane spellcaster, uses very simple arcane magic.

  • Official Base Classes

Note: These classes are the ones considered to be suitable to fit into the Crossroads setting.</p>

Name Description
Bard A musician and dabbler, who uses song to inspire allies.
Druid A nature-oriented spellcaster with an animal companion with the power to change into animals.
Gunslinger A gunman, a master of firearms, the most common type of soldier.
Rogue A stealthy thief and assassin.
Summoner An arcane spellcaster with a summoned companion.
Witch An arcane spellcaster with a number of special hexes
Wizard The classical arcane spellcaster, a student of tomes and spellbooks

Prestige ClassesEdit

  • New Prestige Classes
Name Status Description
Blood Priest Concept A divine caster that can empower or modify their spells using sacrificed blood or lives.
Coureur Des Bois Concept A traveling hunter and explorer, perfectly at home in the wilds of the New World.
False Face Healer Concept A native healer, part of a great organization of healers that kept the plagues from destroying the natives.
Nameless Concept Agents of Her Radiant Majesty who metaphorically die as they enter the service, becoming nameless agents with no fear of death.
Scarred Monk Concept Arcane spellcasters under the control of the Church, named as they are for the hideous scars left by their self-flagellation.
Skinwalker Rough Draft A native warrior with the power to don an animal's hide and take on aspects of the animal while wearing it.

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