Consists of Sanctus Crux

Dominant Culture: Maltese

History Bought from the French in 1651, the island was made into the new capital of the Knights Hospitaller. Here they have built their new island fortress, even grander than Malta used to be. The council and Grandmaster both reside here.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Lascaris, capital city of the Knights Hospitaller. Named after the grandmaster who bought the islands. It has the most renowned hospital in the New World within it's walls. Hundreds of people come here every year in hopes of getting healed.
  • Palatio Magistri Generalis (Palace of the Grandmaster), Sanctus Crux. The official residence of the Grandmaster. In this palace the council of the Knights gathers and makes it's decisions.
  • Armamentarium Palatio (Palace Armory), Sanctus Crux. The armory that stands next to the Palace of the Grandmaster. It houses a massive collection of arms and armor from the history of the Knights. Originally all these items were located on Malta, but they have been shipped over to the New World. - - The Armory houses among others crossbows, swords, arms, guns, bronze cannons and many other weapons and armor.
  • In Archivo (The Archive). The archive of the Knights, it is housed in the catacombs under the Palatio Magistri Generalis. There is also a large collection of books and manuscripts.
  • Gerard Hospitium, Lascaris. Named after the founder of the Knights this is the best hospital in the New World.
  • Montem Falcon, highest point of the island. The famous Maltese Falcons are bred and trained on this mountain.
  • Sinus Madonna Stella Maris (Bay of Our Lady, Star of the Sea), a bioluminescent bay on Sanctus Crux where the Knights harvest bioluminescent water.
  • Castellum Madonna Stella Maris (Fort of Our Lady Star of the Sea), a fortress built by the French in 1617 and later taken over by the Knights to protect Sinus Madonna Stella Maris.

Notable Inhabitants Edit

  • Manuel Pinto da Fonseca, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller. A Portuguese nobleman by birth, he is currently 69 years old.
  • Cassar, bodyguard of the Grand Master.
  • Princess Marie Auguste of Thurn and Taxis, Dame Grand Cross. The former regent of the Duchy of Württemberg, when her son came of age she lost most of her power and as a Dame of the Order she moved to the New World. She is 44 years old, corresponds with philosophers like Voltaire and Marquis d'Argens and is renowned for her excessive spending.

Link Sites Edit

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  • Sinus Madonna Stella Maris