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The spirit beasts are beings of immense spiritual and elemental power. They are bridges between the worlds, able to freely walk back and forth between the mortal world and the spirit world. They are both animal and spirit, elemental power and living creature. These creatures represent nature in all it's forms, and though their shapes may vary widely, they are all part of the same group, the spirit beasts.

Spirit Beast Subtype Edit

  • Spirit beasts are always Outsiders.
  • All spirit beasts have in Intelligence score of 2.
  • Spirit beasts are immune to Ability Damage, Ability Drain, and Death Effects.
  • Two-Worlds: Spirit beasts are living bridges between the spirit world and the mortal world. A spirit beast can shift between the mortal world and the spirit world as a move action, simply fading through the veil without any difficulty or even apparent effort. Any objects or creatures touching the spirit beast when it uses this ability are brought along, unless the spirit beast chooses to leave them behind. A spirit beast can also peer through the veil as a swift action, perceiving the opposite plane as though it were there for a moment. Typically, a spirit beast will do this just before crossing the barrier, to ensure the world on the other side is safe and suitable for their arrival.
  • Rebirth: It is all but impossible to truly slay a spirit beast. Even killing the creature's body isn't enough to truly destroy the creature. When killed, the body remains where it was killed until the night of the next new moon, at which point, whatever remains of the body begins to dissolve, the disappearing parts reappearing in the creature's Spirit World lair. Over the next 24 hours, the body begins to reform on the Spirit World. Once the new body is complete, the spirit beast is reborn in perfect health. To truly destroy a spirit beast, you must destroy the new body as it forms, but such a thing requires powerful magic and has drastic consequences on the balance of nature and the elements.

Spirit Beast Items Edit

The act of slaying a spirit beast is incredibly difficult and dangerous, but there are plenty of rewards for those who are strong enough to accomplish it, and strong enough to keep the rewards away from other interested parties. Their hides make powerful armor, their claws and shells and be fashioned into powerful totems or belts of wampum, and their hair and feathers are powerful conduits for spiritual energy.

  • Thunderbird feather-shirt
  • Pectoral of the Earth Tortoise
  • Mishipeshu-skin moccasins

List of Spirit Beasts Edit

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